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I have a real soft spot for this Gem.  It looks exactly like an antique home my husband and I once owned. As a matter of fact, the listing agent (who used to be my agent, before I was an agent) called me to tell me to go over and take a look because she knew I would love it.  She was right!
Built in 1810, this house is just a lovely antique.  It has all the old elements that make antiques so gorgeous.  Wide plank floors, gracious moldings, arched doorways and fireplaces galore.  And, all have the appropriate amount of burnish and patina.  Love that.  As I walked through it brought back great memories of my old house, with all its oddly unique nooks and crannies.  I could just imagine sitting in that living room with a cozy fire blazing during a snow storm.  Perfection.
At 1,664 sq ft, this house is wonderfully cozy.  It sits on two-acres, so if the house is a bit "too cozy" in size, it could be a perfect candidate for expansion.  If it were me, I would add another 1,500 sq ft addition to the back or side of the house.  I would expand the kitchen on the first floor and build a magnificent master suite on the second floor.  That way, I could enjoy having all the wonderful quirkiness of an antique, but still keep my modern conveniences in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Truly the best of both worlds.  And, since the house is listed at only $498,000, it wouldn't be out of the question financially.
Not only do I love this house, I love its location.  It's in Easton and anyone who reads the Gem emails knows that I can wax poetic about Easton.  One of the many reasons I love Easton is because all the houses have plenty of room between them and this house is no exception.  At the same time, it is conveniently located at the center of everything.  This truly is one of my most lovely Gems. Enjoy.

Why is this the Gem of the Week?

This house is as gracious and lovely as can be.

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