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I can't believe this Gem sat under my nose for a fair amount of time and I never noticed it. It has the two attributes I love most in a house...it's an antique AND it is waterfront.  Does it get any better than that? And, how on earth did I miss seeing this one sooner?
This 1910 carriage house has been painstakingly rebuilt to perfection. Tall and narrow, every floor has been stunningly renovated to capture the original persona of the house, yet updated to make it very comfortable and, quite frankly, luxurious. Luxurious is not a word I typically use to describe carriage houses, but it is the only word that applies here. The "fit and finish" of this house should be seen to be appreciated.  This house looks unobtrusive from the outside, but the inside is a sweet surprise.
At 4,112 sq ft, this house is remarkably cozy.  It has many nooks and crannies that just scream for an easy chair, a good book and a hot cup of tea.  With five bedrooms and five baths, there is more than enough room for everyone to have their own space.  The yard is about a 1/3 of an acre and has a beautiful patio with water views.  Just enough yard to be enjoyable and not too much to tend to.
Sumptuous remodeling and decorating aside, I think the real "sales feature" of this house is its location.  It sits right across the street from the water.  The only thing between it and the LI Sound is the newly designated Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve, which means that nothing will ever be built to block the stunning views from every room in the front of this house.  If that's not great enough, another unbelievable feature of the house is that it does NOT require flood insurance.  How is that possible?  To be able to enjoy the view almost at the water's edge and still not get socked with outrageous flood insurance fees...sheer bliss!  When I went to preview the house, I asked the owner if she had any issues during Irene.  She said the water came up to the street, but it never even touched her front lawn.  Her house was dry as a bone through it all.  Those water views AND no flooding to contend with...that's called having your cake and eating too.
At $2,995,000 this house is not within the average budget, but, if it is within your budget, definitely take a look.  It is just sitting quietly at the edge of the water waiting for its next owner to come along and see ALL it has to offer.  It can also be rented for $15,000 a month (furnished).

Why is this the Gem of the Week?

  It's an antique on the water's edge...my idea of heaven on earth.

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