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I know I've written it several times before, but let me just state it again...I love, love, love Easton. I just do. In the fall, in particular, Easton is beyond gorgeous with its changing red and yellow leaves, apple farms aplenty and wide spacious landscape. It looks like a small quaint town from a movie. Almost too perfect if you will.
When I saw this house for the first time, I immediately knew it was going to be featured as a Gem of the Week. I love this house. It is located in one of the loveliest sections of Easton. Conveniently located but yet on a very quiet, treed street.

As I pulled up the driveway, I was immediately struck by the open, rolling and well manicured landscape. At a manageable 1.34 acres, the property actually feels much bigger and offers quite an open vista. I immediately felt my blood pressure drop several notches just being there. 

The house itself is a terrific wide open expanse. As you walk through the front door, the open floor plan allows  you to immediately see the soaring ceiling throughout the top floor of the house. Once I saw those soaring ceilings, I couldn't wait to move out of the entryway to see what else the house offered.
And offer it did! As I stepped into the living room I was greeted by a literal wall of sliding doors that framed the entire open vista that had greeted me in the drive. It was just breathtaking. There was also a very large brick fireplace and all I could think of was how fabulous that house must be in a snowstorm. Beyond the wall of sliding doors was a deck that spanned the entire length of the house that literally married the inside with the outside. The simplicity of it all was design genius.
The entire house felt quite large to me and I think those beamed cathedral ceiling really made it feel spacious without being overwhelming. The house does have five bedrooms and two full baths. It is on city water, which is a nice perk since a lot of Eastonites rely on well water. The listing says it feels like a Vermont ski lodge and I think that really captures it.
Of course the house could use a little updating, but with an asking price of $515,000 this house would be well worth any added "sprucing" investments. It is just a gorgeous open floor plan waiting for its next owner's imprint.

Why is this the Gem of the Week?

Because living in this house would feel like being on vacation every day.

Susan S. Herrmann
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